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release date: 1996
label: Repellent Records
format(s): 10" vinyl
availability: out of print

1. Stereo Specific Polymerization
2. Thixotropic

Hovercraft's second release, also on their own Repellent Records, was available exclusively at shows as recently as 2000.

Material from this album was the basis for the much talked about, yet never released, DJ Spooky/Hovercraft Remixes. The idea was for Spooky to remix two Hovercraft tracks, while Hovercraft would remix two DJ Spooky tracks. One of Spooky's remixes, "Stereo Specific Polymerization (Beneath the Underdog Mix)" found its' way onto a 1998 release from WordSound Records, which was a split between DJ Spooky and Spectre. Another track, "Stereo Specific Polymerization (Mad Psychotic Hyper-Accelerated Lower East Side Mix)" is mentioned on DJ Spooky's website as a remix he has done. Yet another version is available, simply titled "Stereo Specific Polymerization" which was released on the "Electric Ladyland Volume 4" album from Mille Plateaux label.

A Small Circle of Friends: A Germs Tribute
release date: August 27, 1996
label: Grass Records
format(s): CD, Cassette
availability: buy now

(hidden). Shutdown Reprise

As the title suggests, this album was a tribute to the L.A. punk band, the Germs. The album itself features a slew of artists such as The Melvins, Mike Watt, The Posies, and L7.

Hovercraft's contribution to the album is the "hidden track". It is said to have been recorded in an "L.A. garage" for the true Germs feel. This is also the first Hovercraft release to feature any sort of vocals, which is a conversation between Sadie and Campbell at the very beginning in Italian.