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Chicago Cab
release date: August 25, 1998
label: Loosegroove Records
format(s): CD, Cassette
availability: buy now

11. Haloparidol

Featuring a shortened version of Hovercraft's "Haloparidol" off their 1997 release Akathisia, this track is only one of the highlights on this soundtrack for the independent film.

Other notable tracks on this soundtrack include songs from Fu Manchu, Pearl Jam, The Grifters, and Supergrass.

Experiment Below
release date: September 22, 1998
label: Mute Records
format(s): CD, Double LP
availability: buy now

1. Anthropod
2. Phantom Limb
3. Transmitter Down
4. Endoradiosonde
5. Benzedrine
6. Wire Trace
7. Epoxy

Hovercraft's second full-length album, Experiment Below, led to a great deal of critical acclaim for the band.

A track from this album, "Epoxy" first premiered for the world on Pearl Jam's "Monkeywrench Radio" broadcast on January 31st of 1998.